Native Intelligence at Diaspora Vibe Gallery

From Oct 8th through Dec 17th, 2009.

Diaspora Vibe Gallery presents Hastings grad’s Fulbright Scholar as she extends her paper trail to her debut Miami solo exhibition of reflections on paper and recent work. Her medium is pulp; the vehicle is water-dipping, beating sifting.

She has recently completed a year of Hanji history, practice and contemporary research in Korea where as a Fulbright Scholar she learned this ancient art of papermaking. Her book-making, installation performance artwork uses paper that distinctly takes on a life of its own. Native Intelligence presents new artworks that reside primarily in tradition and generational memory made tactile and texture-filled from the outcome of this ancient Hanji practice. Curated by Rosie Gordon -Wallace, Native Intelligence examines Aimee Lee’s journey with paper.

“I am an Interdisciplinary artist working across performance, installation and book arts media, interested in personal story telling “ Aimee Lee states, continuing to share that her work has covered topics of human intimacy, internal defenses and the isolating properties of language. She uses found objects, and sustainable practices that include papermaking from local plants and clothing that would otherwise occupy landfills. The ideas behind each piece dictate its fiber content. Aimee has created new works for this exhibition using the traditional Hanji history papermaking practice in contemporary ways.

“There is a certain freedom, sense of play, fantasy, and physical repetition that is associated with paper making that allows her to create a medium that supports their personal narratives”, states curator Rosie Gordon – Wallace  “This art jumps off the page and walls and exists in real time. This artist actively inserts herself into the foreground, instead of the background, and challenges traditional representations of figure, background, and object.” Gordon Myers co-curator and Entertainment Director of Diaspora Vibe Gallery states, “This is the first time that Diaspora Vibe has devoted a complete exhibition to the art of paper making. It speaks to a need to address how many artists are actively utilizing these genres to redefine personal definitions of Diaspora, through examinations of their own bodies, geographies and borders. Native Intelligence frames the conversation around the new social and cultural spaces that many artists of color and immigrant artists are creating while revisiting cultural traditions and transforming the media into contemporary forms”.

Diaspora Vibe Gallery
3938 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

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