New Media Festival 08

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. From Sep 13th through Oct 2008.  Hardcore Art Contemporary Space. Miami GalleriesHardcore Art Contemporary Space will present its third installment of the New Media Festival this fall. This innovative festival will host curators who have been invited with the intent to open the exhibit to a vast scene of cultures and views. As in the past editions, artists from all over the world will tackle contemporary and post-contemporary issues by means of video, film and video installation.

One of the invited curators will be MTV’s Mario Cader-Frech who will be displaying an array of artists from Central America; Jeannette Mariani from France will be bringing TOC TOC, 3KO and a Curator’s Choice of Chris Croker; Andreina Fuentes and Marcela Römer are curating a group of local and international artists such as Grimanesa Amoros, Amparo Sard, Liliana Porter, Richard Garet, Milcho; the festival is also presenting Irreversible Magazine, as a collaborating publisher.

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
3326 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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