Newport Guitar Festival

From Apr 11th through 13th, 2008.

Newport Guitar Festival. Miami Music
The Newport Guitar Festival is taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center this April. The public is invited to pay a visit to some of the world’s top makers of hand-built guitars along with prestigious vendors of vintage guitars, accessories and supplies.

The festival will be the first hand-built guitar festival in South Florida history, also the first vintage guitar show to be staged in the area. The Hand-Built Guitar part of the show is in the tradition of the highly successful Newport Guitar Festival begun many years ago by master luthier Julius Borges, which we have relocated to South Florida, possibly the largest guitar market in the United States.

Combining a high-end vintage show with world-class modern hand crafted guitar builders; the show has and is attracting the attention of potential investors and the best in the guitar industry. Hand builders like William “Grit” Laskin, John Monteleone, Julius Borges, Michael Doolin, Bruce and Matt Petros, Gary Mortoro and many more from North America, Europe and Australia will be exhibiting in the Luthier’s Gallery of Fine Art, along with vendors of hand built guitars like Dream Guitars and Luthier’s Pride. The Vintage and Accessory show hall will include large dealers such as the Guitar Center’s Platinum Room and Sam Ash. The show will also include a full complement of sponsoring experts like the Blue Book of Guitar Values and Allied Lutherie.

Concerts and demonstrations will be broadcast on large screens throughout the show, so they can be viewed and heard without leaving the exhibition area. In addition, performers will be demonstrating guitars at exhibitors’ tables and in the “quiet rooms.” Over 20 large “quiet rooms” will be available for attendees to audition one-of-a-kind instruments undisturbed. The guitar demonstrations, master classes, seminars and the daily finale concerts will be recorded. Exhibitors, performers, and attendees will have access to copies of all high resolution photographs, videos and audio recordings.

For more information, please call: 305.531.9428

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