Nomade Gallery

Through April 2010.

altArtist Pierre Traversat is having a solo exhibition this month at Nomade Gallery in Coconut Grove. On the opening night, the artist is going to create a live sculpture starting at 7:00 p.m. He will be using a variety of chain saws and other utensils to create, live, a wooden sculpture. Traversat will start with the trunk of a palm tree (that quintessential Miami symbol) to slowly reveal his creation; contrasting the harshness of the chainsaw and the warmth of a wooden trunk. Join in the fun, observe and participate as the artist reveals his technique.

Painter and sculptor Pierre Traversat introduces in this exhibition a new collection of paintings entitled “Lincoln Road” as well as a series of playful sculptures that he calls “ Les Filles de Christian Lacroix.” His new work is the reflection of his experiences in Miami: nightlife, fashion, and exuberance.

Also on view at the gallery is the show “Reflections” by Aida Tejada. This exhibition is comprised of a new collection of photographs inspired her previous work. Tejada explores new color pallets, shapes and textures to reflect on her search. Her search is a constant struggle to capture the expression of her innermost self with courage.

Nomade Gallery
133 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, FL 33133 


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