Odegard Group Show

From Dec 3rd, 2007 through Feb 29th, 2008.

Odegard. Miami ShowroomsFor 2007 Stephanie Odegard’s ongoing artists series celebrating Art Basel Miami will feature the exhibitions Thoughts on Mt. Kailash by Robert Miller, New Works by Philippe Croq and Afternoons Holding Company with the Boys by Melissa Braddock.

Robert Miller continues along his Tibetan Buddhist inspired Journey, with the latest series, Thoughts on Mt. Kailash. Mr. Miller lives and paints in El Portal, Florida. JEc is a co-founder in " Art for World Peace", and continues to mentor artists from around the world.

After a cancer diagnosis Philippe Croq radically changed his life by leaving the aerospace sector where he worked and dedicated himself to painting. His original works are the result of games with sand on linen cloths and the joining of different typeset elements. His pictures are a constant search for balance where throws light on the chaos within.  

Melissa Braddock, a visual artist, continues this tradition with her latest series “Afternoons holding company with the boys” Originally from Tennessee she currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida.  Melissa’s work is abstract expressionism.  Each painting evolves as a work of art during the painting process. Her pieces are a declaration of independence from the styles and manners of many of her contemporaries, a strong poetic statement, flavored with color, free from imitation or limitation.

For more information, please call: 305.576.7166

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