Open Process: New Work by Miami Artists at MOCA Nomi

Through Jun 5, 2011.

Since the opening of its Joan Lehman Building in February 1996, MOCA has championed artists who make South Florida their home base. Open Process features new artworks by Jessica Laurel Arias, Autumn Casey, Domingo Castillo, and Tatiana Vahan, four young Miami artists who, over the past several months, have had access to resources provided by MOCA, including the museum’s archives and collection,

and received professional guidance as they researched and created their projects. This exhibition provides an opportunity for the artists to develop previously unrealized ideas and reconsider their artistic practice within the context of the museum. Open Process: New Work by Miami Artists is curated by MOCA Associate Curator Ruba Katrib.

For this exhibition, Jessica Laurel Arias has developed a new immersive sculptural project culminates in a series of ambiguous and unrecognizable architectural models. Each model functions as its own representation of an architectural and sculptural idea, but together they create an uncanny effect.

Autumn Casey embarked on a cross country road trip guided by advice she sought from her mother and a psychic. She is creating an installation inspired by her self-reflective journey that questions her path as an artist.

Domingo Castillo responded directly to the museum and is creating a rethinking of the museum’s in-house collection of books and catalogs. He is also creating an archive that grows throughout the run of the exhibition. The archive reflects Castillo’s interests in cultural activity in Miami throughout the past 30 years and will include art, books, music and other objects and ephemera.

Tatiana Vahan is creating an installation using edited audio from the QVC network along with display mechanisms that incorporate objects she selected as well as pertinent works from the museum’s collection.      She has also created a photographic and performative project in which she has taken numerous images of herself with Walmart shoppers in the store’s photo studio.

Museum of Contemporary Art
770 NE 125th Street
North Miami, FL 33161

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