Pablo Cano's The Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. From May 7 through 19, 2011

altDancing tubes of toothpaste, bantering bobby pins, and a crooning cell phone are a few of the enchanting characters in The Seven Wonders of the Modern World,  artist Pablo Cano’s new multi-media marionette production that premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art on May 7, 2011. 

With a nod to the Theater of the Absurd, The Seven Wonders of the Modern World takes a uniquely entertaining look at discoveries and ideas that have shaped contemporary life. Featuring marionettes created by Cano from found objects, a lively script by playwright Carmen Peláez, choreography by Katherine Kramer, and melodies from 16th century overtures to 20th Century show tunes, the production takes audiences on a rollicking ride through some of the remarkable advances of our time. When not in performance, the marionettes and set will be on view at MOCA as an exhibition.

The Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Pablo Cano’s 12th annual marionette production commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, is made possible in part with a grant from The Jim Henson Foundation and The Peacock Foundation. In addition to the six public performances on the weekend, there will be special performances for 2,000 schoolchildren during the week.

The inspiration for The Seven Wonders of the Modern World came from the historic election of Barack Obama. With his cast of 12 marionettes, Pablo Cano explores the themes of change and hope by highlighting seven phenomena that he believes have improved the way we live in this world. The master of ceremonies, a marionette with Obama’s likeness constructed with a grandfather clock, engage various “wonders” from rockets composed of coffee cans to “Amazonia” “Googleina” and “Facebooka” with ukulele bodies and basket heads.

Museum of Contemporary Art
770 NE 125th Street
North Miami, FL 33161

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