Peculiar Playmates: Curious Sculptural Artworks

Bear and Bird Gallery. From Aug 7th through Sept 25th, 2010.

altDiscover the imagination of this group of artists who create unique objects d’art that are playful, weird and interesting. Expanding once again on the connection between fine art and toys, Bear and Bird Gallery presents a new twist on playful objects. “Peculiar Playmates” will showcase sculptural works by a group of artists from as far away as Berlin, and as local as South Florida, who are nonetheless connected through the show’s premise.

Gallery owner/curator Amanda Magnetta-Ottatti gave the artists minimal direction when she invited them to participate in the show. She said, “I asked them to do what they normally do.” As a result, the curator admits that she’s not sure what they will come up with, but can count on this: it will be surprising and delightful. She said, “Each artist is so different from the others. None do the same thing, so it will be interesting to see them displayed together.”

An avid collector of art and playful things herself, Magnetta-Ottati said that the concept for “Peculiar Playmates” developed as her own collections became more sophisticated. These sculptures are high-end, yet attainable, which is part of the store’s main philosophy – to bring things of beauty, quality and substance to entry-level and high-end collectors alike. Artists in the exhibition are Megan Bogonovich, Mark Errol, Kit Lane, Ninon, Crissy Penuel and Rosanna Pereyra.

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery
4566 North University Drive
Lauderhill, FL 33351

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