Post It

A urban installation by Spanish artist Chus Garcia Fraile. Miami Beach. Through March 2008.

Chus Garcia Fraile. Miami Art NewsThe Art Basel week in Miami leaves many traces of its presence behind. Some of the most enjoyable are the street art interventions that stay on our walls through the whole year. Most of them are solely created with the purpose of being admired for a week only, by the thousands of art visitors attending the events. Post It by Spanish artist Chus Garcia Fraile, is definitely one of those reminiscences from the glorious Art Basel days in which so much attention is given to contemporary art. Post It takes place through different locations in Lincoln Road. You can find a “Post It” outside strategic locations such as Payless Shoes, SunTrust Bank, Van Dyke Cafe, Da Leo Restaurant, Art Center South Florida, Lincoln Centre and TBA Merchant.

Post It sets out from Chus Garcia-Fraile’s reflection on consumerism in western culture. In this project, the artist manipulates and brings to the forefront our everyday habits, the limits between public and private, and the constant invasion of the personal sphere by the media. Enlarged reproductions of the “post it” notes we use as every day reminders suddenly are transformed into another mechanism of consumerism, thus intending to blur the lines between personal wishes and global economic systems. The nine monumental Post It notes affixed to the facades of buildings on Lincoln Road, become seductive advertisements of what are the ideals in today’s society.

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