Promethean Theatre presents Two Rooms

From Oct 20th through Nov 5th, 2006Promethean Theatre opens the play Two Rooms by Lee Blessing at the Mailman Hollywood Theatre in Davie, FL. Under the direction of Margaret M. Ledford and featuring Jeffrey Bower, Ken Clement, Nicole Mitchell and Jennifer Toohey, this play illuminates both the numbing agony of one man taken hostage by political terrorists and the helpless fury of those who are left behind. Two Rooms is aimed to remind us of our past, make us aware of our present and give us pause to consider what the future may hold. At it’s heart, it is a love story amid the sense of futility and despair that comes when people of goodwill realize that logic, compassion and fairness have become meaningless when dealing with those who would commit barbarous acts so willingly. For more information, please call: 786.317.7580

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