Pulgha Parade II by Miguel Paredes at the ACSF

From Jan 31st through Mar 23rd, 2010.

Local pop artist and urban impressionist Miguel Paredes was asked to create a piece of artwork for Lincoln Road’s longstanding ArtCenter/South Florida. Paredes’ digital piece entitled “Pulgha Parade II” and it is on view at the ArtCenter’s 924 building from January 30th through March 23rd, 2010.

“Pulgha Parade II” is one of the latest additions to Paredes’ Digital Art collection and is approximately 30 ft x 8 ft – completely taking over the ArtCenter’s upstairs display window. The gigantic lightbox installation will boast multiple, vibrant versions of Paredes’ iconic diminutive anime flee “Pulgha.” The piece will be visible throughout the day, but it’s during nightfall that Lincoln Rd. is in store for a unique taste of eye candy. Each night, “Pulgha Parade II” is set to give the streets a colorful glow courtesy of Paredes’ lively light display.

Paredes, a New York native, combines cutting-edge styles of street art, pop art and Japanese animation to create distinct, trend-forward pieces. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, he has created his own niche of street graffiti, landscape and pop art affording him the ability to crossover from street walls to creating decorative art. Paredes, who has been Miami Beach based for over two decades, acquired a private studio space on Lincoln Road to further expand his inspirational environment while simultaneously showcasing his works at local, national and international shows.

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