Pyramid Studios opens Ephemeral Mapping and Collaboration

From Feb 19th through Mar 9th, 2010.

Pyramid Studios is presenting two new exhibitions this month: Gretchen Scharnagl’s Ephemeral Mapping, and Collaboration: new works by studio artists Fred Karrenberg, Daniel Portnoy and Darren C Price.

Gretchen Scharnagl is a Miami based artist who received a MFA degree from Florida International University in 2004. Using the vocabulary of nature she explores environmental issues as well as the contradictory behavior of mankind. Gretchen works in many different forms including installation and found object as well as drawing, sculpture and other traditional forms. Scharnagl’s environmental works document and give visual voice to how we cause irreversible change to our world. This exhibition will include a new and exciting ephemeral work done in graphite directly on the walls of the studio. The process of creating this piece will be documented through video and photography that will serve as a lasting impression as the walls will ultimately be painted over. The focus of this wall drawing is the Ephemeral Mapping of invasive species of exotic pets and ornamental garden plants and the conflicts, contradictions and consequences that result from their introduction.

Fred Karrenberg, Daniel Portnoy and Darren C Price will present a new collaborative work done as a triptych in addition to other individual pieces.

Pyramid Studios
8890 SW 129th Terrace
Miami, FL 33176

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