Roger del Pino and Emmy Cho

at Abba Fine Art. From Mar 8th through Mar 29th 2008.Abba Fine Art. Miami Art GalleriesMiami-based artist Roger del Pino presents a series of experimental music and video pieces at Abba Fine Art in Wynwood Art District this month. An aspiring music composer /cinematographer, Del Pino finds himself at home in the luscious environments created within his films and musical compositions.

This presentation will feature original musical compositions as well as several films including "Migration" and "On Death." This glimpse at ritualistic birth and death are an attempt to understand perceptions of the unknown and what our relationships are to the natural world around us. How we come to define the word” natural" plays a large role in these pieces and also helps to identify our own relationship to these inevitable realities we face as mortals.

Also opening on the same night will be the exhibition Invented Worlds by Emmy Cho. In her work, abstraction is combined with a series of elements in order to create a vivid interaction of the sacred and the profane. Her influences come through in the method in which her paintings are executed as much as they do in the content that spawns their creation. They are a testament to the interaction of tactility with transcendence, and how they relate to each other. Using strong influences from traditional Chinese paintings and combining these techniques with mediums and materials not conventionally used in this tradition, she creates a dynamic dialogue between a belief in beauty and a passion for color.

Invention and analysis are put together through painting and bring forth an environment strongly influenced by Taoism, Buddhist cosmology, and other philosophical beliefs. In here, contradictory subjects are made to work together in order to achieve what Cho calls a "visual globalism"- an astute portrayal of modern society, represented in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

For more information, please call: 305.576.4278

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