Sacco Gallery conquering Biscayne Boulevard

By Dinorah Perez Rementeria


Sacco Gallery was inaugurated in September, 2007 beginning the fall. The location opened with the group exhibition “Ladies and Gentleman,” featuring nine European and American artists whose works might have never been seen by the local audience.

Director Stephanie Sacco alongside her husband Neil Schuster cannot express more satisfaction at the launching of their new art space. Covering an area of 3,000 square feet within a 10,000 square-feet building on Biscayne Boulevard, Sacco Gallery has truly committed to its neighborhood and the Miami arts community.

An illuminated box placed outside the gallery can be noticed from several blocks away, featuring selected images from current exhibitions. Not only art devotees visiting the space but also the people who drive nearby have the opportunity to enjoy artworks on display. Regarding the strategic location, Stephanie Sacco says, “We live in the area, support local businesses and have watched the Upper East Side develop over the past several years to the point that we feel a gallery would thrive here.”

Stephanie Sacco, a former advertising and real estate executive, visited a large number of art studios across the country, choosing the “individuals” she would represent. Mid-career and emerging artists were considered, but eventually, Gema Alava-Crisostomo, Heiko Blankenstein, Tom Brydelsky, David Estes, Kevin H.Jones, Jane Morren, Mauricio Pellegrin, Sarah Trigg and Lee Walton, who had developed their work in a wide variety of media – painting, “ecriture automatique” drawing, video performance, and installation-, toned with the meaning of the gallery and became part of the roster.

Stephanie Sacco recognizes her unconditional, ever-lasting love for arts. Firmly supported by her partner Schuster, she has also  established an internship program with the New World School of the Arts, contributing with a 7,000 square feet studio space for visual art students. Now, Sacco plans on scheduling artist talks, panel discussions and other events that will bring artists, critics, curators, and art supporters together in her gallery.

The exhibition Once Upon a Time There Was Venice by Mauricio Pellegrin comes next, running from November 29th to January, 2008. Pellegrin honors his natal city, capturing mental and physical fragments from historical views that illustrate the impressive architecture of it. Before the eyes of the artist, Venice – the real metropolis – becomes a still life, an installation of wooden objects, a colossal building made out of pure glass, painting, paper, and a long-lasting poem. If one goes to Venice at sunset, one might fall in love – with the people, the bridges, the canals.

The color green predominates in Pellegrin’s work. Is this his favorite color, or is it in fact the color of the city? Time and space seem to converge within the color green, a remembrance of the past and utopian revelation of the coming future. Rhythm comes from the arrangement of objects on the wall, composition that we have to decipher as we do with puzzles or magic cards. Everything – as it happens in nature – has a hidden “material and spiritual” meaning that we need to discover. The city of Venice is an enigma for most of us, friends, artists, lovers. Maurizio Pellegrin might be one of the fewest who understand its mystery.

Sacco Gallery is currently open Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday from noon to 4:00 pm. Connecting with the spirit of the rest of the Wynwood art spaces, it will welcome viewers during the monthly gallery walk. In addition, there will be art books for sale and premiere exhibits every second Thursday of each month.


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