Saul Vera Ensemble in Concert. Tribute to the Strings of the World

Aventura Arts and Cultural Center. Oct 30th, 2010. 8:00 p.m.

altSaul Vera is a composer and performer of different plunked stringed instruments of the Venezuelan tradition with an outstanding international exposure for over two decades. The Saul Vera Ensemble was originally founded in Caracas in 1986, and has had a long history of exceptional international success. After the director’s relocation to Miami, the troupe has reborn with new and exceptional musicians who will transport the audiences into the rich and exciting world of this innovative instrumental music trend.

The repertoire of such trend, combines the basic elements of the traditional music with Jazz and chamber music. This unique and innovative combination of music elements deliver into a contagious and passionate expression: The best catalog of sounds of the Caribbean.

Musicians in the ensemble include Juan Manuel Ardila (Flute); Andres Candamil (Clarinet), Jose Gregorio Hernandez ( Percussion), Hernan Matute ( Double bass ), Jorge Quintero ( Venezuelan Cuatro) and Saul Vera ( Bandola Llanera, Mandola, electroacustic Mandolin).

For this concert Saul Vera Ensemble will bring guest artists: Luz Marina, a very renown Venezuelan singer and composer, singing pieces of Simon Diaz with her sensual voice, while Venezuelan violinist Jesus Florido, who lives in Los Angeles and who has shared the stage with the greatest artist such as Itzhak Perlman, Whitney Houston and Robert Plant will perform along with this outstanding troupe of talented musicians.

Aventura Arts and Cultural Center
3385 NE 188th Street
Aventura, FL, 33180

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