Self Made Exhibition

From May 8th through 22nd, 2009.  Self Made Exhibition. Miami ArtistsVideo artist m lafille has gathered three artists around her latest piece, Mangrove. She offered her video as a starting point for this exhibition, and asked artists Brandon Opalka, Sinisa Kukec and Reeve Schumacher to respond to it with their own work.

As often in her work that she considers Digital Tapestry, the video slowly wanders between abstraction and figuration. Naturally, Brandon Opalka’s paintings first came to her mind when she began to think about proposing this video as a concept for a group show.

Kukec and Schumacher then followed suit as likely candidates not because of artistic similarities, but because of the potential of their seemingly disparate approaches to a common aim.  

M lafille then talked to Goldman Properties to present her project and asked for an available space. Goldman Properties was ready to put full support behind it and offer a 2,500 square feet space in front of Snitzer Gallery.

This exhibition takes place in the heart of Wynwood, among many of the major established galleries. Although it is comprised of quality artists, the show is without the usual framework of a traditional gallery.

Opalka, Kukec, Schumacher and m lafille aim to bring art enthusiasts, collectors, critics, and curators to this self-made exhibition.

Self Made Exhibition
2242 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

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