Sharing The Press: Miami

Edge Zones. From Oct 10th through 31st, 2009.

Sharing the Press highlights diversity amongst Miami printmakers as they incorporate a variety of conceptual, formal, technical, traditional and nontraditional printmaking into their artistic practices. Having worked together in less than two degrees of separation, the invited artists are professionals, educators, and students working to keep the medium of printmaking alive.

The printmaking process is often immediate as you’ll see in the monoprints and monotypes in the show, but most often is a set of steps that leads to the creation of a totally unique, medium specific image. Many of the artists have carried on the printmaking tradition in methods of their painting, drawing, and mixed media work. The traces of their education, collaborative press work, step by step decision making add strength to their visual language.

Artists in Sharing The Press: Miami are Astrid Dalins, Regina Jestrow, Lucinda Linderman, Jose Perez, Hans Rasch, Brian Reedy, Gregg Rivero, Javier Sasieta, Kari Snyder, Barry Sparkman and Tom Virgin.

Zones Art Space
47 NE 25th Street
Miami, FL 33137

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