She Likes Music and He Makes it Shake. Pip and Duane Brant at the ArtCenter / South Florida

Sept 4th through Oct 11th, 2009

ArtCenter / South Florida presents The Flying Carpet, an exhibition born of the playthings that fuel the arguments of married artists Pip and Duane Brant. From September 4th to October 11th, 2009, viewers will be invited into their whimsical world of sewing-sound-machines, flying carpets and more.

Pip Brant’s carpet is comprised of a found oriental rug, embroidery, silkscreen, brass ornaments, wood, car parts, electric motor, laser light and rheostat controllers. The original floor covering first entered Pip’s life in the early 1980s in Wyoming, and served as both, a warming barrier for household treading and a place for newborn goats to gain their footing. When moving to Miami, she wrapped the rug around her piano, and it was even once tossed in an alley, falling prey to neighbors’ trucks. The many adventures of Pip’s carpet were just taking shape when she had an epiphany: she would create an impotent “flying carpet” that would only shake and light-up when foot pedals were engaged.

Duane’s installation pieces are “sew organs”. The public will be invited to play with these instruments that combine vintage sewing machines with wooden acoustic forms that are electronically connected to organs, cellos or old radios. The sewing machine comes from a lineage of machinery, rooted in sound production and as an icon depicting social status. Some sewed with their mothers; others made low wages; moreover, some people used sewing to avoid other kinds of servitude. Duane’s sew organs have adopted roles of their own, at once creating clutter in the home and provoking arguments with Pip, as well as inspiring creation and musical experiments.

ArtCenter / South Florida
800 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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