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Amparo Sard and Felipe Herrera. From May 10th through Jul 7th, 2008.Signature Art Gallery. Miami GalleriesSignature Art Gallery, located at 3326 North Miami Avenue, is currently presenting two simultaneous solo shows by Amparo Sard and Felipe Herrera. Spanish artist, Amparo Sard, presents us her new body of work on paper and video, Mistake (Error). In this installment Sard talks to the implication of the error or Mistake. This work expresses the wrong decision, the confusion between cause and consequence, after the mistake, when the die is cast and the protagonist may not undo it.

Felipe Herrera’s Bodies and Boxes is made up of obsessive boxes, windows that are opened to other worlds where we all inhabit. Indifferent doors that lodge fragments of a being’s universe; apples, arms, hands, clock, reaffirm the reality, everything and nothing; language impregnated of violence and tenderness. Felipe’s work is an assemblage where tangible elements are intertwined; they come of an imagery hoarded for years in the memory of the man who creates it.

For more information, please call: 302.576.1645

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