Silkies of Madagascar at Williams McCall Gallery

From November 3 through 24, 2012


Renowned photographer David Evans shares, “My favorite stories to tell with photos and video are those of underserved indigenous people in developing countries–especially women–newly empowered to shape their own destinies. It is one thing to document a story when progress has been achieved and listen to people talk about what it was like before. It is another to document the time when a person or group first realizes that opportunity is actually within their reach, and hear about their dreams of what they will achieve in the future, starting now. Those first steps towards a more self-determined life are beautiful to me. This portfolio highlights a group of traditional silk weavers in central Madagascar, who are just gaining access to sustainable, international, fair-trade markets. The impact of this new income is immediate and generational.”

Wild silkworm cocoons for the SAHALANDY weavings are harvested from native Tapia forests. The sustainability of these forests is vital to the Silkies’ livelihood and to the preservation of the cultural heritage of their silk weaving. But the trees have been decimated for firewood and charcoal, leaving the country 80% deforested. A portion of the sales from SAHALANDY products go towards the replanting of the Tapia forests and efforts to educate their community about alternative cooking methods. A scarf will be included with the purchase of a photograph.

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 3rd, 6:00 – 8:00 p. m.
Artist Remarks: Saturday, November 3rd, 7:00 p.m.

Williams McCall Gallery
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