Sol Theatre Project opens Julie Johnson

From Aug 4th through Sept 17th, 2006Sol Theatre Project in Ft. Lauderdale is presenting Julie Johnson, a theatrical piece Directed by Daivd Tarryn-Grae featuring Kim Ehly, Julia Clearwood, Steven Chambers, Magen Young and Lexie Gaeta. This play tells what happens when an uneducated house wife and mother of two, reaches the end of her rope with a bad marriage and her own personal shortcomings? She makes concrete decisions to change her life for the better. Julie is near a breaking point when she confesses to her best friend Claire that she is going to night school because she’s tired of “being stupid.” This brave first step launches her into throwing out her abusive husband, and Claire to follow suit and move in. As rocky days turn into promising futures, Julie admits to Claire that she has feelings beyond friendship for her. This opens another crate of challenges to which Julie proves that she is more than capable of handling. A mentoring night school teacher keeps her on the right path, and there is little stopping her from her ultimate goal—fully realizing herself as a woman, a mother, and a total human being. For more information, please call: 954.525.6555

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