Soraya Abu Naba'a at Gary Nader Art Centre

Opening reception: October 11 , 2012. 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
From October 12 through November 14, 2012.

Gary Nader celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and the opening of the exhibition “Multiverse” presenting recent works from Soraya Abu Naba’a. This is Soraya Abu Naba’a’s second solo show at Gary Nader Art Centre featuring nineteen oil on linen canvases, mixed media paintings as well as six multi-layered drawings.

“Multiverse” evokes the possibility of different perspectives, of an alternative reality within yet undiscovered dimensions. It strips down the human morphology to geometrical shapes, in a place where time and space converge and figures re-emerge in total distraught; displaying the human being with no race, gender or social class, removing any stereotype and presenting us through visualization a being evolving internally in its own time.

Through each piece there exists an incident, a moment that triggered a thought, a narration of continuity and constant evolution. It may just be the evolution of the soul in the midst of its condition or a change coming from within.

In the construction of the art pieces, time is embodied through colors and shapes. A game of warm and cold hues immerses the viewer in parallel worlds where symmetry among us may actually exist. Every detail contributes to her personal pictorial language that reveals an alternative possibility of life.

Gary Nader Art Centre
62 NE 27th Street
Miami FL 33137

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