Spanish Cultural Center presents Con Belisa

April 21st and 22nd, 2006The Spanish Cultural Center and Octubre Teatral present Con Belisa at the Trial Theatre. This play is an adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s El amor de Don Perlimplín con Belisa en su Jardín. An innovative and contemporary vision of Lorca conceived and directed by Jaume Villanueva with the actresses Maite Brick and María Isasi and the company of puppets Herta Frankel. Con Belisa is a multimedia spectacle that integrates projections, music and virtual effects inviting the audience to immerse in a surrealist and magical world of Dali-like forms and disturbing sounds. The director Jaume Villanueva gives a new vision of the play: funny and sour. And, without betraying it, the tragedy is watchful under the apparent García Lorca farce. Perlimplín is a puppet manipulated by destiny. Marcolfa and Belisa try to change the ending, but they are confined to the words, actions and results, to the unavoidable time that wrote the poet. Every fight to get over this tragedy is useless, harmless and empty: it should continue existing eternal slaves, eternally subdued. For more information, please call 305.448.9677 or visit

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