Splinter/Fuse at the ArtCenter / South Florida

From Oct 16th through Nov 22nd, 2009.

ArtCenter/South Florida presents Splinter/Fuse, a transformative exhibition that showcases the works of the non-profit organization’s newly juried artists-in-residence. Portraying ideas of transition and metamorphosis, J. Kevin Foltz, Jules Lusson, Hugo Moro, Tere Pastoriza, Franklin Sinanan and Robert Wilson will transform ACSF’s main gallery and their respective studio spaces into figurative narratives, each using imagery that suggests the causes and processes of change. 

“The newly juried artists-in-residence show is always one of the most important exhibitions that ArtCenter/South Florida hosts annually,” said Jeremy Chestler, ACSF’s Executive Director. “It presents a great opportunity for the community to learn more about our new artists, and provides these artists with an important show to establish their presence here”.

The exhibit title Splinter/Fuse is inspired by the process of evolution.  The art of adaptation – whether personal, physical, structural or social – can be seen, for example, in artist Robert Wilson’s fragmented antique top hat. He uses the top hat, an iconic image that harkens back to a time of fastidious dress and social protocol, as his subject matter.  Deconstructed or “splintered” in the modernist grid, a movement emphasizing symmetry, mathematics and clean lines, Wilson’s hat becomes abstracted across a grid of boxes that breaks up the singular image.

Hugo Moro’s investigations of change and repetition will focus on the historic curve of ArtCenter/South Florida’s banister in the 810 Lincoln Road building.  Moro will recreate a structure in the main gallery space that echoes a connection between the real and fabricated architectural elements. Franklin Sinanan’s literal interpretation of change is shown in expressionist representations of the self, ranging from dependency and abuse to enlightenment, whereas Tere Pastoriza will create delicate drawings mimicking the feminine mystique that strangely floats in white space. 

Jules Lusson depicts ferries and jellyfish that play off each other and interact to represent life and death. Lastly, Kevin Foltz’s use of text, color and collage will deconstruct the sacred image of the Buddha, a representation of evolution, illustrating a sense of something historic and revamped. All artists will explore the relationship between the past, present and/or future as a transitional narrative, looking toward their own themes and surroundings as contributing causes for transformation.

ArtCenter/South Florida
800, 810 and 924 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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