St. Stephen’s Arts and Craft Show

From Feb 14th through 16th, 2009.  St. Stephen’s Arts and Craft Show Approaching its 21st year, St. Stephen’s Art and Crafts Show is keeping the streets of Coconut Grove alive with exhibits from hundreds of artists around the country. Despite a tumultuous year for many other non-profits, St. Stephen’s will keep the community spirit energized at this year’s event, taking place from February 14th to 16th, 2009.

Maggie Rossi, the art show’s organizer, is determined to show off the true artistic talent that The Heart of The Grove is known for – rain or shine. "The show must go on, as they say.  We have a lot of people to help and inspire this year. Thousands of South Florida families have been impacted by this crisis. Some have lost their jobs, many have lost their homes, so our event becomes more important than ever. We want the 2009 St. Stephen’s Arts and Craft Show to offer hope and inspiration to our community. We aren’t Art Basel, but we’ve proven that we are a serious art event that raises money for those less fortunate."
Every year St. Stephen’s helps Miami’s community through service projects for the homeless, such as arranging food and clothing drives and by reaching out to thousands of underserved people in the community. Because the admission is just $1, it’s easy for visitors to do their part to help improve the lives of those who are experiencing difficulties within our current economic climate.
Be Spontaneous…Color the Sky Blue, and Red and Yellow. The 2009 St. Stephen’s Arts and Craft Show promises to deliver a refreshing splash of colorful talent and by showcasing some of the country’s finest artists, as well as many homegrown artists, including this year’s event poster artists Daniel Caldwell whose paintings follow his love for life by the sea and travels through Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean.
Caldwell says that the inspiration for the 2009 poster came from the beauty he sees in everyday life.

"I enjoy the creative process and the spirit of the art which compels my heart and I to work,” commented Caldwell, “allowing me to reward the viewer with a fresh style and share my artistic journey. For the 2009 St. Stephen’s Art Show Poster, my inspiration came from the beauty I see in everyday life and how sometimes the simplest moments can bring the most joy."
But whatever the motivation behind attending the 2009 show – from art voyeur to a love of handmade jewelry or savoring the delicious cakes in the tea house, the 2009 St. Stephen’s Arts and Craft Show will prove once again that art is in the heart and no recession can take that away from anyone.

St. Stephen’s Art & Craft Show
2750 Mcfarlane Rd
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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