Stash: Miami's First Salon for Artists

October 10th, 2008.  Stash: Miami's First Salon for Artists. Miami ArtistsEntertaining and housing artists in their Design District home for the past two years, local artists Yvonne Grams and Romain Gateau felt their pain. They knew Miami was ground zero for dozens of exquisitely talented artists who weren’t being given the breaks of more, well connected painters, sculptors, performance/ video/graffiti artists and others who were being exhibited at the “right” galleries and art fairs. Creators of Art Basel’s wildly successful Under the Bridge art show each year, Grams and Gateau – aka Evo Love and Sarcasmo – had over 20 artists in their stable who sold out or almost sold out inventory at the show but couldn’t find traditional galleries to represent them. Stash is their new home for exhibits, discussions and the venting of frustrations.

Grams and Gateau are invested in making Stash as much a home for artists as their house is. Designed as a salon, Stash is not a commercial venture. Instead, the couple hopes to host exhibits, art talks, hookup nights (bringing together curious collectors and eager artists), book readings, video viewings, brain trust gatherings and other innovative ways to discuss, publicize and indulge in art.

Officially opening on Friday, October 10th, Stash will feature Nuts and Screwed, a historical retrospective of the work of artist Joe Strasser. Strasser who began his career almost twenty years ago is well known in Hawaii for his pastel work – boats and still lives inspired by the state’s lush nature – but has, in the last two years gone a bit darker painting and sculpting work that’s driven, he says, by influences from jazz music to the occult.

162 NE 50th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

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