Structures at the Kelley Roy Gallery presents George Schroeder

Summer 2010.

altThe Structures Art Space at the Kelley Roy Gallery, located in Wynwood Art District, is currently presenting an exhibition by George Schroeder titled Steel Redemption. Inspired by the screeching-metal sounds of salvage yard, San Antonio sculptor George Schroeder transforms the bangs and crashes into rough and tumble sculptures exhibiting in “Steel Redemption.”

Schroeder explains that “Working in the salvage yard is really loud, so you think about the noise, which generates all kinds of random images. My intention for this series was to create abstract forms derived from variety of sound experiences.”

In his studio he has restored old metal-working machinery salvaged from various factories. Working with sheared or cut steel beams, Schroeder bends and Shapes them until the metal almost seems like a living thing. Curving in and out or appearing to fly off into space. Heavy marks and crude connections reflect the rough details of hand-forged metal.

80 NE 29th Street
Miami, FL 33137

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