Suyu Art Gallery

Suyu # 3. From Feb 29th through Mar 29th, 2008. Suyu Art Gallery. Miami Art GalleriesSuyu Art Gallery presents: Suyu # 3, a collective art exhibition featuring eighteen known and upcoming artists. This collective art expo will feature paintings, photography, and mixed media pieces. In addition, a live Latin jazz band will be performing during the opening night.

The artists being featured are Amarilis Veliz, Lou Russo, Jonathan M. Fields, Pedro Wilson, Amalia Brujis, Dario Calleros, Jose Hurtado, Mario Flores, Tony Rosca, Mulet, Gloria Araujo, Hernan Miranda, R.G. Serrano, Adriano Nicot, Rosa N. Garmendia, Anthony Ardavin, ED Setien, and Steve Levine.

Suyu opened its doors a few blocks west from the Museum of Contemporary Art three months ago. Founded by Gladys Brigham, Jose Hurtado Sr. and Mario Flores, Suyu is an art gallery, photography and dance studio, and a space for lecture series, films, and most importantly, it is a place for local artists and the community to hang out.

“We think of it as a space dedicated to the study of the arts and we are very excited about providing the place for local and international artists to meet. In fact, we are already working on our first concert series that will bring together artists from more than eight countries,” says Mario Flores, Suyu’s Director of Visual Arts.

For more information, please call: 561.201.2053

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