KaBe Contemporary

By Manuela Gabaldon

It’s always exciting to witness the success of new art spaces in Miami, as it is this continued dedication of gallerists, artists, collectors, and supporters of the arts, that ensures the endurance of our hard … +

The ArtSeen Gallery

By Fran Robbins

Every artist must start somewhere. We all admire the prodigy who can produce the Great American Painting at a young age, especially if there was minimal training, but that’s a rare occurrence. The vast majority … +

Tower Theater

By Matt Balmaseda

When asked to consider the state of cinemas in Miami, the first thought that comes to mind may be a strong visual like the following: a crowded theater of noisy adolescents, feet firmly planted against … +

Jen Stark’s color-minded hands

By Cara Despain

There is something unavoidably charming and analog about Jen Stark’s work. The tactile, precise-yet-handmade quality of her paper sculptures and animations is something that feels somehow influenced, in part, by her visual generation.