The Auction Project launches at Tomorrowland

Nov 6th, 2011. 8:00 – 12:00 a.m.

The Auction Project is a published catalogue dedicated to representing single artworks made by young and emerging artists. The catalogue is produced in a traditional auction catalogue format, documenting the artwork and artists with short essays and providing market values. However, with the intention of creating a new platform for appreciating and purchasing artwork, The Auction Project catalogue itself is the vehicle for appreciating and purchasing the artwork.

That’s right, there is no auction. The “The Auction Project” name relates only to the format of the publication and not to how the artworks are sold. The catalogue’s essays as well its images allow art enthusiasts and prospective buyers to learn about the artist and context of the artwork in a familiar, but different setting.

The Auction Project’s founder and Editor-in-Chief, Lina Hargrett, has been involved in the art business, focusing on contemporary art and emerging artists, since graduating from University of Costa Rica with a degree in Art History in 2004. A Miami native, Hargrett realized that there is a strong disconnect between contemporary art and a general public interested in purchasing art. Reacting to this, she developed the auction catalogue concept of The Auction Project. The Auction Project’s goal is to promote artists commercially and in an educational way. Auction catalogues are a fundamental tool for documenting artworks and the market, and they are the perfect format for introducing emerging artists.

Participating artists have been selected based on the quality and contemporary relevance of their artwork. The catalogue does not perform as a curated art exhibition. Each artist has unique qualities and are not necessarily in dialogue with each other. Featured artists include Brian Gefen (New York); Christopher Manning (New York); Jessica Laino (New York); Madeleine Davis (New York); Louise Erhard (Palm Beach); sleeper (Miami); Daniel Fishel (New York); Paula Searing (Philadelphia); Richard Vergez (Ft. Lauderdale); Joseriberto Perez (Miami); Shelter Serra (New York); and George Sanchez-Calderon (Miami).

The catalogue launch for Issue 1 will take place at Tomorrowland, a project space created by artist George Sanchez-Calderon. Tomorrowland, located on the edge of historic Overtown, was built in the 1940s and is experiencing a rebirth in this neighborhood that has suffered hardship for decades in Miami, FL. This gallery space allows for curators, artists and dealers to create discourse through art, design, urbanism and creativity.

1368 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

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