The Daniel Azoulay Gallery

By Manuela Gabaldon

Well-known photographer and gallerist Daniel Azoulay opened a new space at Miami’s latest urban development, Midtown 4, on December 2nd, 2008. The Daniel Azoulay Gallery dedicates its walls exclusively to contemporary photography, a medium Azoulay has always believed in and practiced, and video art. His new location is no coincidence; this calculated move to the Midtown area, located just south of his previous location at the Design District, is a part of the entrepreneur’s mission to promote midtown’s growth into a new contemporary art spot. Azoulay’s plan kicked-off with his key involvement in last year’s first Art Midtown that successfully hosted fairs like Art Miami, Photo Miami, Scope and Bridge Art Fair in the month of December.

Azoulay has since partnered with Midtown Miami developers in hopes to attract and encourage gallery owners to open their space alongside his new location to form an eclectic cluster of galleries throughout the midtown city blocks, specifically the Midtown 4 block.

This new venture has Azoulay quite excited as he says he wishes to participate in the creation of a new and stimulating community for gallerists and art lovers to experience the latest visions and secure a continued existence of the arts.

The Daniel Azoulay Gallery is currently exhibiting the work of Los Angeles based photographer Laura London. Her collection of ten large scale photographs based on themes of youth, individuality, self truth, and rock & roll are exactly the kind of contemporary work Azoulay has been showing for years but is just now beginning to hold legitimacy among other more established mediums like painting and sculpture. A self declared man-ahead-of-his-time, Azoulay seems to always be one step ahead of the bunch, as cliché as it may sound, by introducing the work of emerging artists and keeping an eye out for the new endeavors of recognized names.

Azoulay is a firm advocate of doing what you love and working hard to motivate others to love it as well in order to make your impact on the world. His charismatic words on the importance of stimulating the love for art in others made my afternoon at the Daniel Azoulay Gallery both eye-opening and moving as he told me of the many ways in which he plans to involve the community. He spoke of dedicating mornings or afternoons to welcoming groups into his gallery and lecturing about the art on display to encourage a more educated interest in the photographic medium as well as hosting events for the public. Perhaps the love for art begins with the slightest interest and grows from its cultivation into a passion and way of life that midtown Miami and Daniel Azoulay wish to be a part of. The Daniel Azoulay Gallery is located at Midtown Miami 4, 3301 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 105, Miami, FL 33137.

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