The Evolution of the Broadway Musical

Arts at St. Johns. Feb 21st and 22nd, 2009.  Arts at St. Johns. Miami ArtThe "Evolution of Broadway," created by David Kingery, is a Broadway musical revue that explores the history of Broadway music, dance and subject content over the past century.

Broadway has always been cutting edge and has addressed subject matters that, at the time, seem controversial.  What was taboo 50 years ago is often commonplace or even obsolete now. "Evolution" will explore how styles of music, singing, instrumentation and dance have changed and morphed over the years.

The talented cast of David Kingery, Kristen Fox, Ray Yanez, Nydia Noreiga, Jesse Carlo, Melissa Youngblood, Kelly Roberts and Carl Lauderman leads the audience on a historical journey through the highlights of Broadway.
Broadway has survived two world wars, various political upheavals, the Great Depression and now another economic downturn. Arts at St. Johns shows the audience that this great American art form is strong and resilient – Broadway will persevere.

Arts at St. Johns
4760 PineTree Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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