The Golden Gays at the Colony Theatre

From Feb 26th through 28th, 2010.

A new drag musical spoof and tribute to “The Golden Girls,” currently a hot-ticket item in Los Angeles, will have its East Coast premiere this February at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road.

The Golden Gays explores the world of four older gay men who are obsessed with the Famous Foursome. Thanks to their equally dysfunctional therapist, they are able to indulge their obsession through a novel new therapy, which involves them all moving in together to live as the Golden Girls.

While spoofing the famous show is nothing new, critics have hailed this version as a wonderful tribute to the actors and writers who made the show famous. It sets out not only to bring them back to life, but also to share some trivia about the show and the people involved through song and spoof. Great care was taken in presenting all four of the original actors’ comedic abilities and multi-dimensionality.  This is the story about four men who love the Golden Girls as much as the biggest fan in the audience does.

John W. McLaughlin, who won accolades as Damien, the bitchiest of the four who obsesses about Dorothy, returns to the show, channeling the late Bea Arthur’s comedic skills. David Romano assists by throwing out comedic zingers as Samuel (Sophia) while John Downey III (Blaine/Blanche) will keep the revolving door of the new homestead as a passageway for many men (all played by the dreamy Ron Velasco). When he manages to figure out who he is supposed to play in the therapeutic role-play, Robert Glen Decker, who also doubles as the shows Musical Director, plays Rose. The ensemble is topped off perfectly by nationally known comedian Julia Lillis who plays all the female roles.

The Golden Gays at the Colony Theatre
1040 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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