The Promethean Theatre A Number

From Mar 16th through Apr 1st, 2007The Promethean Theatre starts an exciting 3rd season with their new partnership as the professional theatre company in residence at Nova Southeastern University, located in Davie, FL. This month the company is premiering the play A Number, written by Caryl Churchill and winner of the 2002 Evening Standard Award for Best New Play. A Number starts with a routine visit to the hospital where Bernard receives some shocking news: he’s been cloned. When he confronts his father, he finds out it’s worse: he is just one in an unknown number of genetically identical sons. But is Bernard the original or a copy? Does it matter? And what’s going to happen when two other versions come knocking at the door? A Number takes the ethical labyrinth of genetic engineering and the timeless debate over nature versus nurture and reconstitutes them as a bracing family drama. For more information, please call: 786.317.7580

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