The Sky is Really Yellow

at ArtCenter/SouthFlorida From Jul 6th through Aug 12th, 2007ArtCenter/South Florida presents The Sky is Yellow, curated by Director of Exhibitions and Artist Services Reneé M. Cagnina. In this exhibition, artists create visual illusions and personal realities that test the notions of perception and truth. The opening reception for the exhibition is slated for Friday, July 13th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the ACSF Gallery located at 800 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. There will be also a musical performance by local favorite Unheard Of. The Sky is Yellow explores two- and three-dimensional works that deliberately skew reality and perspective. Using traditional techniques including “trompe l’oeil,” artists play with concepts of actual space and the illusion of space, authentic and erroneous mediums, natural and synthetic materials and familiar and unknown objects. Participating artists include Chaitra Garrick, Alex Heria, Marina del Rosario Huang, William Keddell, Kathy Kissik, Craig Kucia, Venessa Monokian and Kyle Trowbridge.

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