The South Beach International Animation Festival

By Manuela Gabaldon

altIt is always exciting to hear of new events taking place in South Florida. Even more exciting is learning of such a success that a second of the kind will take place the following year. Last year, South Beach hosted several parties and special events at a number of different venues around Miami and the Beaches for the first South Beach International Animation Festival (SBIAF). In addition to film screenings, the Festival hosted art exhibits, hands-on demonstrations, seminars, and workshops about the newest technology and creative software available to animators and students. “The South Beach International Animation Festival (2008) was a great experience. It is an opportunity for students that want some exposure, and an exceptional place to meet other artists and create invaluable contacts,” said 2008 Silver Flamingo winner Juan Pablo Sans (Picture This) of his participation in last year’s Festival. This year’s second annual South Beach International Animation Festival promises to be as exciting an experience as the last. With the participation of exceptional talents like Academy Award winner John Canemaker and animation legend Bill Plympton, this 2009 venture into the world of animation falls under a can’t-miss category in the Miami calendar of events.

South Beach International Animation Festival director Noreen Legault is also excited to announce the participation of Emmy Award winning reporter Joel Connable, co-anchor of NBC 6 News at 6:00 p.m. and South Florida Tonight, as one of the panel’s distinguished judges. Recruited for his experience in writing and production, and also for his trademark straightforwardness, Mr. Connable is sure to be a positive addition to the festival. “There will be something for everyone,” says Legault, “when you think of the full spectrum of media technology available to us, animation is probably the most pervasive and innovative art form today. Some of Hollywood’s tops grossing movies are animated films drawing in A List movie stars doing the voices of the characters.” And so it is, animation has grown over the years into an art form recognized by adults and professionals throughout the world as more than a medium for child and family entertainment, but as a legitimate means of art and self-expression. The best part of animation is that there are not limits; animation may in fact be the closet thing we have to magic today!

Do not miss the 2009 South Beach International Animation Festival (sponsored by The City of Miami Mayor’s Office of Film and Cultural Events, Grolsch, ToonBoom, and others) running March 26th through 29th and April 5th, 2009 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque in the heart of South Beach. Ticket information will be on the Festival’s web site,

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