The Wolfsonian-FIU. Seduce Me: Isabella Rosellini

Through Dec 5, 2010

altIn 2008 Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel commissioned Rossellini to make a series of short films to address the issues of the environment. She chose the mating habits of bugs and called her series Green Porno which has been celebrated in film festivals here and abroad. On the heels of the great success of Green Porno, Rossellini has partnered up with Sundance again for a new series about animal courtship entitled Seduce Me. The first five short films became available on video on demand in the spring and the second five were released in November 2010. 

Seduce Me at the Wolfsonian-FIU presents the collaboration between Isabella Rossellini, Andy Byers, and Rick Gilbert in the creation of the video series.
The exhibition is a site-specific project commissioned for The Wolfsonian featuring complex and imaginative paper sculptures made by Andy Byers that are used in the videos for sets, props, and costumes, and the actual Seduce Me videos that were also produced and art directed by Rick Gilbert. “The Seduce Me videos, the brainchild of Isabella Rossellini’s fertile mind, are realized by an extraordinary team of creative talent,” explains Marianne Lamonaca, The Wolfsonian’s associate director for curatorial affairs and education.

Elaborating on the themes of the videos, Andy Byers has designed for The Wolfsonian a fantastical landscape, populated by awe-inspiring creatures made primarily of paper, that conveys the complex, ingenious, and precious attributes of nature.”

Besides being a notable actress, Isabella Rossellini is also a wildlife activist and dedicated trainer of Labrador puppies for the blind. Between movie and film making projects, she lectures at performing arts centers throughout the United States and Canada. Andy Byers is a production and costume designer currently living in Brooklyn, NY; and Rick Gilbert is a freelance producer, production designer and art director invited to the project.

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