The Wolfsonian Museum-FIU. Reflections on Loss and Commemoration

Sept 8 through Sept 30, 2011

The Wolfsonian-FIU will join Florida International University to mark the tenth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 by drawing from its rich collections of works and unveil an installation of objects entitled Reflections on Loss and Commemoration. This show explores how humans record and commemorate disaster, tragedy, and loss through the visual arts. The installation is part of a larger university-wide initiative commemorating the tenth anniversary of the tragedy and culminating with a series of events held across the various campuses at FIU during the month of September.

In addition to this exhibition, The Wolfsonian will present Harun Farocki’s film, Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1989, 75 minutes) on Sunday, September 11th. Thematically rooted in the double meaning of Aufklärung – the German word for both enlightenment and aerial surveillance – Farocki’s film maps the hazy distinction between imaged event and lived experience in a world of technologically mediated vision. It traces the effect of imaging technology on human thought and action, illustrating how the representation (the virtual) and the thing itself (the actual) tend to converge wherever perception is subject to the selective sight lines of the camera.
To conclude the month-long commemoration, Senator Bob Graham, the former two-term Governor of Florida and eighteen-year US Senator will discuss his suspenseful novel, The Keys to the Kingdom in the afternoon of September 24th. In the novel, a former Senator and co-chair of the Congressional Inquiry Commission who is following an explosive New York Times op-ed piece about the 9/11 investigation is found dead near his Florida home. Graham’s novel “delivers uncommon insight into the treacherous and sometimes frantic craft of intelligence gathering and reads like a true story because Graham knows where the truth lies,” claims New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen.

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