The World Erotic Arts Museum

3rd Anniversary. October 2008.  The World Erotic Arts Museum. Miami ArtThe World Erotic Arts Museum (WEAM) celebrates its third anniversary on Thursday, October 16th, with a party a special photography exhibition at the museum, which has become an internationally known Miami Beach tourist attraction.

WEAM was launched in 2005 when founder and art collector Naomi Wilzig decided to make public her collection of historic art, paintings and sculptures, which for 12 years she had been collecting as a hobby. With equal respect for the contemporary as she has for the ancient, Wilzig has embraced every facet of modern culture, which will be illustrated by the work of photographer Henry Perez whose exhibition "Goddesses and Monsters" graphically depicts what was once the underground world of drag queens that is now acknowledged as one of the most accomplished theatrical components of the entertainment industry. Known for his colorful photos of South Beach’s most memorable denizens, Perez has captured the essence of the "drag queen" idiom peopled with such popular icons as Adora, Asia Aviance, Daisy D, Ebonee Excell, Fernand-Q, Chyna Girl, Victoria Grantty, Elaine Lancaster, Miloncita, and Nicky White, several of whom are expected to attend.

The World Erotic Arts Museum
1205 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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