The Wynwood Exhibition Center presents Everything is Going to be Fine

May 12, 2012. 7:00 p.m.

The exhibition “Everything is Going to be Fine”, on view at Cafeina Wynwood this month, features the work of Andrew Nigon & Carmen Tiffany, who are both current Fountainhead Resident Artists. The show delves into the fragmented material world of discarded possessions, sentimental fabrics and industrial textiles that reflect both ends of the duo’s collective spectrum of found objects.

Andrew’s work draws attention to the bizarre nature of humanities existence, in which the insatiable drive to improve while simultaneously living with in bodies that are in constant decay. Using the discarded detritus of society in chorus with materials such as polyurethane foam and second‐hand textiles, he creates heroic yet tragic monuments devoted to a human race that is trapped in an incomplete and fractured world. He will be showcasing sculpture works.

Carmen Tiffany was born in the rural western United States in 1982. Her work deals with the fantastical artifice and promise of children’s media and contaminates it with life’s, often visceral, realities. Exploiting the societal underbelly of the rural American west she creates lineage between pathetic entropies and the promise in the modern version of childhood. She will be showcasing installation, painting & video.

Cafeina Wynwood
297 NW 23 Street
Miami, FL 33127

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