Threads in the Fabric at 801 Projects

From Jan 29th through Feb 22nd, 2010.

Art today is so wide ranging and our sense of the world is so intimate, that travel photography has become a form of reflection. A photographer captures a random perception or draws upon the strangeness of a new place, and an inner landscape is formed.

Threads in the Fabric: Weaving through cities brings together the work of four photographers whose images range from objective urban scenery to poetically expressive moments. Prague, San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, Miami and other cities unite intimately and surprisingly.

A look through a window, a couple dancing, someone turning a corner-each image forms part of a larger composition and the artist becomes a weaving tool, linking place and spirit. Each artist intertwines threads of personal experience and artistic curiosity. In the vein of contemporary photographer Andre Kertesz’s pioneering sensibility, and Eugene Atget, an urban historian, the artists in Threads in the Fabric seek to witness and interpret their subjects and surroundings. While generally avoiding technical manipulation, they focus instead on the use of commonplace and situations. In the end, the human events that transpire in these sites hold more importance than their physical features. Threads in the Fabric was curated and coordinated by Cristina Villamil, Andrea Ackner, Michelle Sague and Yeraldine Ordoñez.

801 Projects
801 SW 3rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33130

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