Three solo exhibitions at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

From Mar 6th through Apr 6th, 2010.

altDiana Lowenstein Fine Arts presents three new exhibitions this month featuring works by Ivelisse Jimenez, Daniel Gonzalez and a project room by Andriy Halashyn.

Ivelisse Jimenez – Blind Enough to See

Contrasted with the traditional considerations that the abstract is a negation of space, this body of work reflects upon both absence and exteriority (“the outside”) as presences. By the way these absences are generated and structured, it makes present what the absent creates. Within this inclusive binding, the abstract guides us to see – to dwell upon intervals and transitory states. Following on an intention to escape the fixed, the works are built upon relations between the act of perceiving and the simultaneous attempt to assess and give meaning to experience. The geometry, gesture, theatricality, and various materials are mixed and assembled to form a surface that links the physical and the mental in a manner that is transformable, and deformable. Ivelisse Jimenez earned her BFA from the Universidad de Puerto Rico and her MFA from New York University. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally.

Daniel Gonzalez – Pimp Art History

What happens when art history is experienced and soaked in everyday life? Grandma’s jewelry hanging on an old painting becomes a votive offering for style, an intimate ritual of embellishment and appropriation in a healthy familiarity with art history. Pimp Art History is a maquillage of ideas, concepts that take shape through the historic practices of handicraft. Sewn sequins and images enriched with style by adding rhinestones and bijoux are glam representations of intense moments and desires where the classic and the contemporary live together in the groomed, adorned and embellished artwork’s body. Daniel Gonzalez was born in Buenos Aires and now lives and works in Berlin. His most recent public art project, Chili Moon Town Tour, is a collaboration with Italian artist Anna Galtarossa. It consists of a floating city that emigrates and opened in Mexico City with plans to travel to destinations including Central Park in New York.

Project Room: Andriy Halashyn – Rich and Famous

The fifteen minutes of fame that we could have had are not coming. Life’s red carpet is not as radiant as seen on TV. At some point we thought our existence was meant to do something, to take us far. We thought beauty would last forever, we thought fame was an imminent thing, and we thought – eventually – we would be in the spotlight. But existence teaches that only a few make it and many perish only accomplishing the ordinary. But what happens when we realize that we are part of the “ordinary crowd”? All that made sense in our existence is no longer a possibility. We can: 1. die; 2. look for the real sense of our lives; or 3. hang on to this delusional and obsolete idea. Originally from Ukraine where he studied art, Andriy Halashyn has lived in Costa Rica since 2001. His artwork has been exhibited in Ukraine and Costa Rica, as well as Panama, Colombia, Switzerland and the United States.

Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
2043 N Miami Avenue

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