Tigertail launches its Fourth Book of Poetry.

April 20th, 2006Tigertail is launching, during National Poetry Month, the 4th edition of Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual. This is the first issue of Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual that includes poems by poets from outside of Florida, as well as a wonderful range of poets from this state. The poetry reading and book signing will take place in Books & Books of Coral Gables in April, 2006. Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual is a living document that changes and responds to our community and the field. This publication addresses new poetry by poets of excellence. Published annually in an attractive paperback book format, Tigertail is edited each year by a different guest editor, who is invited to create a distinctive edition by choosing poetry that echoes his or her own personal enthusiasms and concerns. This year’s editor, Richard Blanco, is known for his acclaimed book of poetry, City of a Hundred Fires, received the Agnes Starrett Poetry Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press (1998). His second book, Directions to The Beach of the Dead (University of Arizona Press, 2005) further explores the universal themes of cultural identity, homecoming, and place. Says Richard Blanco, “As a child of Cuban exiles who could claim citizenship in three countries only forty-five days after my birth, questions about home and place have naturally figured significantly throughout my life and my poetry. But I’ve realized that these questions are actually very ancient and universal ones. The need to dwell—to exist in a given place or state—is a fundamental human desire, driving each of us to seek a unique physical as well as spiritual place in the world. Think about it: How much of life is spent engaged with questions of place and home, individually and collectively within our communities?” The 43 poets in Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual include Deborah Ager, Elisa Albo, Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Naomi Ayala, Rick Barot, E. Louise Beach, Jody Bolz, Sarah Browning, Adrian Castro, Grace Cavalieri, Sandra Cisneros, Stephen J. Cribari, P. Scott Cunningham, Denise Duhamel, Martín Espada, Zan Gay, GTimothy Gordon, Elizabeth Haukaas, Michael Hettich, Randall Horton, Maxine Kumin, Mia Leonin, Christopher Louvet, Caridad McCormick, Jesse Millner, Sally Naylor, Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Bessy Reyna, Holly A. Schullo, Maureen Seaton, Paula Sergi, Vivian Shipley, Rose Solari, Wanda Waterman St. Louis, David Starnes, Jeneva Stone, Virgil Suárez, Marianne Taylor, Liliana Valenzuela, Jeremy Voigt, Andrea L. Watson, Joshua Weiner and Michele Wolf. For more information, please call: 305.324.4337

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