Tigertail Productions: Art & Soul Fundraiser

Haitian Cultural Art Alliance. May 15th, 2010. 8:00-11:00 p.m.

altTigertail and the Haitian Cultural Art Alliance presents Art & Soul Fundraiser: a meaningful event for artists here and in Haiti. As part of an ongoing commitment to Haitian artists, Tigertail is joining forces with the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, directed by Edouard Duval Carrié and their Haitian Art Relief Fund. This collaboration is a part of Tigertail’s 30th Anniversary Season and a response to artists impacted by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

The primary objective of the Haitian Art Relief Fund is to provide immediate direct financial assistance to artists and artisans left destitute or homeless by the earthquake, and to the extent possible, utilize the resources of the fund to contribute to the preservation and renovation of art pieces damaged in the earthquake but that are salvageable. At Art & Soul we encourage all to enter with joie de vivre, experience a kaleidoscope of entertainment, commission a poem, sing along, engage in the work of a performance artist, light a candle, bid in Miami’s loudest silent auction and enjoy a panorama of food and drink.

The Silent Auction of original artwork from Miami’s best was curated by Julie Davidow  and include work by Farley Aguilar, TJ Ahearn, Jose Alvarez, Carlos Betancourt, Francie Bishop Good, Jenny Brillhart, Pablo Cano, Clifton Childree, Keith Cougherty, Elisabeth Condon, Julie Davidow, Dara Friedman, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Lynne Golob Gelfman, Karen Greenberg, Felice Grodin, Adler Guerrier, Alex Heria, Carl Juste, Natalya Laskis, Susan Lee Chun, Frederic Lere, Billie Grace Lynn, Kito Mbiango, Raul Mendez, Gean Moreno, Federico Nessi, Glexis Novoa, Jay Ore, Grant Peterson, Christina Petersson, Vickie Pierre, Carol Prusa, David Rohn, Lydia Rubio, Samantha Salzinger, Carolina Sardi, Sara Stites, Kristen Thiele, Rhonda Tymeson, Kiki Valdes, Michelle Weinberg, and Wendy Wischer.

Tickets are:$100 for one person. Group discounts available. Secure parking directly across from the Little Haiti Culture Center is provided.

Tigertail Productions at the Little Haiti Cultural Center
212 NE 59th Terrace,

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