Towards Paris! at the Alliance Française of Miami

May 19th through Jun 21st, 2009.  Alliance Française of Miami. Miami ArtsCremata Gallery and Alliance Française of Miami present the exhibition Towards Paris!, a panoramic view of Cuban artists that at different times or due to different circumstances have called Paris home. The title comes from the answer given by Eduardo Abela to the question “…where, then, should I direct my steps?” The reply was not difficult, according to Abela: “Towards Paris!” He added, “everyone knows that since the beginning of the XIX Century French painting is the most important in the world.”

Cremata Gallery proposed the idea to Miami's Alliance Française which immediately accepted the challenge. A working bond was created between Lourdes and Raul Cremata and Philippe Timon director of the Alliance. They joined efforts to advance this venture and offer their respective spaces to allow this unique narrative to unfold. A rich and varied compilation of paintings and sculptures includes works by Cuban leading artists of the last two centuries.

Artists invited to exhibit work are Esteban Chartrand, Leopoldo Romañach, Victor Manuel, Eduardo Abela, Amelia Peláez, Domingo Ravenet, Carlos Enríquez, Marcelo Pogollotti, Mario Carreño, Mateo Torriente, Wifredo Lam, Agustín Cárdenas, Loló Soldevilla, Wilfredo Arcay, Guido Llinas, Aldo Menéndez, Jorge Camacho, Joaquín Ferrer, Carlos M. Luís, Acosta León, Gina Pellón, Julio Matilla, Herrera Zapata, Jorge Pérez Castaño, Tomás Marais, Ramón Alejandro, Moisés Finalé, Humberto Castro, José Franco, Jesús de Armas, Carlos Estévez, Agustín Fernández, Julio Girona, José Masiques.

Alliance Française of Miami
618 SW 8 St
Miami, FL 33130

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