Viernes Culturales presents the works of Eliecer Rodriguez

From Jul 28th through Aug 20th, 2010.

altThe Viernes Culturales / Cultural Fridays Gallery is opening an exhibition featuring the work of Venezuelan painter Eliecer Rodriguez this summer.

Rodriguez’s works really escapes his own limits, is a lie to say the painting is confined in inches. Without a doubt it goes beyond and cannot be contained only in a small space. The force emanating from the colors, their accents, contrast and brightness call us to a trap, and suddenly everything is dynamism, energy and passion. One thing is certain: one cannot be indifferent to his work.

“Art, painting, is a constant exercise of creation, where everything shown has become part of us. An exercise to shape what we know, we felt or what we observed of the world; what has called our attention and much more.” – Eliecer Rodriguez.

Viernes Culturales Art Gallery
742 SW 16th Avenue
Miami, FL 33135

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