Waltman Ortega Fine Art. Martin Carbajal

From Sept 10 through Oct 8, 2011.

Waltman Ortega presents a new solo exhibition by Argentinean artist Martin Carbajal.

In his new “Black Bone” series, Carbajal reintroduces gesture while maintaining intense compositional composure. Reduced in the color range to reflect no greater than three – black, one neutral, and a primary – these new works are a hybrid of Expressionist gesture reined in by carefully-planned sections. A strong influence of East Asian Sumi-e ink and wash painting pervades the surface, intertwined with bold blocks of red or blue. Intermittently, impressions of wire mesh, rippled steel stamps, palette knife scrapes and even handmade markings surface through the immense washes of elemental color.

Miami-based consultant and writer Shana Beth Mason says of Carbajal, “… the end result for Carbajal is the development of poetry, self-written, in a visual format. This might seem to be a trite endeavor, as nearly every artist would like to believe they are poets on a canvas, mold or within natural phenomena in and of itself. Yet, the strict control of drawing, painting and woodblock methodologies are not erratically or haphazardly deployed for Carbajal. Every work is reflective of the human shell: a calm surface encasing a vibrant interior. Abstract Expressionism, Installation art, Minimalism and Conceptual Art are all relevant tags for Martin Carbajal. The excitement for the viewer, though, is beyond discernible artistic movements. This body of work shows in pulsating, choreographed rhythm to each passer by: once more, with my feeling.”

Waltman Ortega Fine Art
2238 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

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