Water Stories

Historical Museum of Southern Florida. From Jun 23rd through Jan 20th, 2008.

Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Miami MuseumsWater Stories explores our interaction with water in South Florida over the past 10,000 years through a family-friendly, multi-sensory experience with four main themes: nourishment, transportation, recreation and environmental impacts. Hear over 25 stories about survival and recreation in South Florida’s aquatic world. See prehistoric maritime artifacts, a commercial fisherman's gear spanning from the nineteenth century to the present. View a chronology of water vessels, including an Indian canoe, a trapper's skiff, a sailboat designed for Biscayne Bay's shallow waters and a Cuban refugee raft. Catch a sailfish using a fishing simulator. Visit a hurricane safe room, and track hurricane activity with a live feed from the National Hurricane Center. 

Historical Museum of Southern Florida. 101 West Flagler Street. Miami, FL 33130. Ph: 305.375.1492. www.hmsf.org

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