Work of A Genius: A Reality TV Series and Fine Art Challenge

July 2009.

Work of A Genius, a reality television series and fine art challenge hosted by television personality Cindy Taylor, debuting in syndication on The Fox Station Group and other network affiliates this fall, has partnered with the Eden Roc Renaissance Beach Resort & Spa to design murals throughout the hotel and pool areas that will reflect the world-renowned flavor and ambiance of Miami Beach.
Work of A Genius features twelve artists, each with their own distinct style, competing against each other but maintaining the ability to work in harmony. The artists have been assigned their own walls within the Eden Roc and, using the landmark hotel as inspiration, they will paint various images that will add color and sparkle to the grounds. Guests of the Eden Roc will be able to observe the artists at work and witness the creation of these unique murals, which will encompass a combined area of over 200 square feet.
The artists represent different regions and nationalities and include Ako Eyong, a native of Cameroon who currently resides in Los Angeles; S. Ross Browne, a resident of Virginia; Kasha Cichon from New York and originally from Poland; Minsk-born Katia Danilova, a resident of Miami; West Palm Beach resident Bobby Franano, Brooklyn-born Barry Gross, Los Angelean Dan Henigman, Sicilian Claudia La Bianca, Uruguayan Alex Morales, North Carolina resident Tim Petrinec, Cuban-born Cesar Santos and Miami native Talia Rodriguez.
The artists on Work of A Genius will attempt to produce works of art in different styles, forms, and mediums all while on the clock and under the scrutiny of the show’s celebrity panel and guest celebrity mentors.  Television viewers will be asked to vote on their favorite artists and the results will help determine the eventual winner, who will receive a grand prize of $100,000 and a new automobile, as well as a prominent exhibition in a prestigious art gallery.

Work of a Genius is produced by The Vine Studio, LLC is a Latin-run studio and production company with offices in Los Angeles and Miami, headed by Gino Cabañas, Ana Margarita Martinez and Ernest Cartwright.
Work of A Genius at Eden Roc
4525 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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