World’s Largest Street Art Mural Installation

ArtCenter / South Florida. December 2009.

After all the frenzied art enthusiasts have disappeared, and temporary exhibition sites have been dismantled, Miami residents are left with a lasting souvenir of the international art phenomenon under the umbrella called, “Art Basel.” Miami-based collective, Primary Flight, is responsible for the expanse of colorful concrete installations throughout the Wynwood Art District. The organization has succeeded in developing community and bequeathing the city of Miami with a priceless collection of Street Art.

Since its inception in 2007, Primary Flight has hosted site specific, street-level, outdoor mural and performance art projects in Miami’s Wynwood Art District during Art Basel each year. This global arts and community collective project combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of street exhibitions, parties, and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design.

Primary Flight’s annual event in Wynwood is the world’s largest, multi-site, street-level mural installation. In just three years, Primary Flight has grown quickly from 15 to over 100 artists, the majority of whom travel to Miami for Art Basel. Founders of the street, stencil, graffiti, and skate art movements headline the annual event. Artists collaborate on strategically located walls throughout the Wynwood Art District. Maps outlining the installation are circulated, providing patrons with an opportunity to view street works in process. 

Notable participating artists have included Augor, Bask, Blek Le Rat, Boxi, David Choe, Crome, Cycle, Michael De Feo, Dare, Depoe, Dolla, Ellis G, El Mac, Ewok, Frerk, Logan Hicks, Andy Howell, Kofie, Lady Pink, The London Police, MSG, Kenton Parker, Retna, Revok, Reyes, Risk, Santiago Rubino, She Kills He, Chris Stain, TCP, Tes One, Typoe, WK Interact, Marc C. Woehr and Agustina Woodgate. Primary Flight is a launch pad for some Street Artists, and a homecoming for others, such as Shephard Fairey and Ron English, both of whom transitioned from Street Art to the Fine Art arena.

Shepard Fairey comments, “There is an immense pool of talent that travels to Miami for the art fairs and many of them prefer to share their work with a broad audience on the street. The Primary Flight project is an ambitious endeavor to allow artists to create murals on sanctioned street spots. I was fortunate enough to be provided with a great wall near the Scope show and I not only received great feedback about my mural during the art fair, but continuously ever since. With the recent increased interest in street art from the fine art world, it is great that Primary Flight has created a program to legitimize and broaden the audience of Street Art.”

The 2009 edition of Primary Flight is sponsored in part by Miami’s Margulies Collection. Curator Katherine Hinds said, “Primary Flight brings a dynamic and exciting dimension to the Miami art scene and we are very pleased to serve as one of the sites for this year’s Street Art installations. Many Contemporary artists have drawn on the urban landscape for subject and inspiration, Basquiat, Walker Evans, Barry Mcgee to name a few. The artists in Primary Flight add a new voice to the urban genre in a big bang of painting, poetry and pavement.”

This year, Primary Flight broadens its reach with the addition of Blue Print For Space, a collection of contemporary Street Artists and Graffiti Writers, hosted by ArtCenter/South Florida. The art exhibition that complements to the Wynwood installation will showcase over 25 of today’s most active and unique street artists. Blue Print For Space proposes that these “Street” artists’ works are not just thought provoking or visually pleasing, but are also the voice of a contemporary generation. 

During Art Basel, ArtCenter/South Florida will serve as the venue and co-organizer for a gala opening, panel discussions, book signings, private viewings and additional collaboration for artists.

ArtCenter/South Florida
800, 810 and 924 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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